Live Incheon International Airport Departures (ICN)

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Destination Airline Flight no. Scheduled Est./Actual Status
Hong Kong (HKG) Korean Air KE179 (2) 09:15 Scheduled
Hong Kong (HKG) Delta Air Lines DL7915 09:15 Scheduled
Hong Kong (HKG) WestJet WS6077 09:15 Scheduled
Cebu (CEB) Jeju Air 7C2407 09:20 Scheduled
Ho Chi Minh City (SGN) VietJet Air VJ861 (1) 09:25 Scheduled
Ho Chi Minh City (SGN) Flexflight W24861 09:25 Scheduled
Angeles City (CRK) Jin Air LJ37 (1) 09:25 Scheduled
Angeles City (CRK) Korean Air KE5763 09:25 Scheduled
Cebu (CEB) Asiana Airlines OZ709 09:30 Scheduled
Shanghai (PVG) China Southern Airlines CZ370 09:30 Scheduled
Angeles City (CRK) Jeju Air 7C4603 09:35 Scheduled
Da Nang (DAD) T'way Air TW127 09:35 Scheduled
Hong Kong (HKG) Jeju Air 7C2107 09:40 Scheduled
Osaka (KIX) Asiana Airlines OZ1921 09:40 Scheduled
Calgary (YYC) WestJet WS87 (1) 09:40 Scheduled
Calgary (YYC) Korean Air KE5007 09:40 Scheduled
Helsinki (HEL) Finnair AY42 09:40 Scheduled
Shenyang (SHE) China Southern Airlines CZ672 09:50 Scheduled
Macau (MFM) Jin Air LJ721 (1) 09:50 Scheduled
Macau (MFM) Korean Air KE5753 09:50 Scheduled
Nha Trang (CXR) Air Seoul RS529 09:50 Scheduled
Brisbane (BNE) Jetstar JQ54 (1) 09:50 Scheduled
Brisbane (BNE) Finnair AY6441 09:50 Scheduled
Da Nang (DAD) Jeju Air 7C2903 09:55 Scheduled
Angeles City (CRK) Asiana Airlines OZ707 09:55 Scheduled
Almaty (ALA) Asiana Airlines OZ793 10:00 Scheduled
Hanoi (HAN) Asiana Airlines OZ931 10:00 Scheduled
Anchorage (ANC) Polar Air Cargo PO654 10:00 Scheduled
Anchorage (ANC) Korean Air KE251 10:00 Scheduled
Hanoi (HAN) Asiana Airlines OZ955 10:05 Scheduled
Nha Trang (CXR) Air Busan BX787 (1) 10:05 Scheduled
Nha Trang (CXR) Asiana Airlines OZ9587 10:05 Scheduled
Nha Trang (CXR) Jeju Air 7C4907 10:10 Scheduled
Sydney (SYD) Qantas QF88 10:10 Scheduled
Hong Kong (HKG) Cathay Pacific CX35 10:10 Scheduled
Anchorage (ANC) Polar Air Cargo PO238 10:10 Scheduled
Saipan (SPN) Jeju Air 7C3404 10:10 Scheduled
Yantai (YNT) Shandong Airlines SC7684 (2) 10:15 Scheduled
Yantai (YNT) Air China CA8878 10:15 Scheduled
Yantai (YNT) Asiana Airlines OZ6719 10:15 Scheduled
Panglao (TAG) Air Busan BX7135 10:15 Scheduled
Cebu (CEB) Cebu Pacific 5J129 10:15 Scheduled
Hong Kong (HKG) T'way Air TW117 10:15 Scheduled
Kuala Lumpur (KUL) Korean Air KE381 10:20 Scheduled
Nagoya (NGO) Polar Air Cargo PO214 10:25 Scheduled
Hong Kong (HKG) Korean Air KE313 10:25 Scheduled
Almaty (ALA) Asiana Airlines OZ789 10:30 Scheduled
Hong Kong (HKG) HK express UO627 10:35 Scheduled
Tokyo (HND) Peach MM808 10:35 Scheduled
Vancouver (YVR) Korean Air KE8075 10:40 Scheduled
Da Nang (DAD) VietJet Air VJ875 (1) 10:45 Scheduled
Da Nang (DAD) Flexflight W24875 10:45 Scheduled
Taipei (TPE) Scoot TR897 (1) 10:50 Scheduled
Taipei (TPE) Singapore Airlines SQ8529 10:50 Scheduled
Nha Trang (CXR) Jeju Air 7C4909 10:50 Scheduled
Qingdao (TAO) Qingdao Airlines QW9902 10:55 Scheduled
Qingdao (TAO) Shandong Airlines SC4620 (2) 10:55 Scheduled
Qingdao (TAO) Air China CA8882 10:55 Scheduled
Qingdao (TAO) Asiana Airlines OZ6703 10:55 Scheduled
Anchorage (ANC) Asiana Airlines OZ242 11:00 Scheduled
Anchorage (ANC) Korean Air KE233 11:05 Scheduled
Amsterdam (AMS) KLM KL856 (2) 11:05 Scheduled
Amsterdam (AMS) Air France AF3112 11:05 Scheduled
Amsterdam (AMS) Korean Air KE5925 11:05 Scheduled
Hanoi (HAN) Korean Air KE9575 11:10 Scheduled
Shanghai (PVG) Korean Air KE315 11:15 Scheduled
Guangzhou (CAN) Korean Air KE319 11:20 Scheduled
Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK91 (1) 11:20 Scheduled
Istanbul (IST) Asiana Airlines OZ6931 11:20 Scheduled
Hanoi (HAN) Korean Air KE361 11:30 Scheduled
Singapore (SIN) Korean Air KE647 (3) 11:30 Scheduled
Singapore (SIN) Delta Air Lines DL7823 11:30 Scheduled
Singapore (SIN) SriLankan Airlines UL3815 11:30 Scheduled
Singapore (SIN) WestJet WS6065 11:30 Scheduled
Anchorage (ANC) Skybus IOS654 11:35 Scheduled
Anchorage (ANC) Korean Air KE255 11:35 Scheduled
Jinan (TNA) Shandong Airlines SC8004 (2) 11:40 Scheduled
Jinan (TNA) Air China CA8876 11:40 Scheduled
Jinan (TNA) Asiana Airlines OZ6705 11:40 Scheduled
Manila (MNL) AirAsia Z2889 11:40 Scheduled
Hong Kong (HKG) Asiana Airlines OZ969 11:45 Scheduled
Singapore (SIN) Singapore Airlines SQ605 (4) 11:50 Scheduled
Singapore (SIN) Air Canada AC6306 11:50 Scheduled
Singapore (SIN) Asiana Airlines OZ6783 11:50 Scheduled
Singapore (SIN) Virgin Australia VA5675 11:50 Scheduled
Singapore (SIN) Vistara UK8605 11:50 Scheduled
Qingdao (TAO) Shandong Airlines SC4618 (2) 11:50 Scheduled
Qingdao (TAO) Air China CA8880 11:50 Scheduled
Qingdao (TAO) Asiana Airlines OZ6707 11:50 Scheduled
Anchorage (ANC) Skybus IOS555 11:55 Scheduled
Dubai (DXB) Emirates EK323 (1) 11:55 Scheduled
Dubai (DXB) Korean Air KE5951 11:55 Scheduled
Hanoi (HAN) Asiana Airlines OZ389 11:55 Scheduled

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Flight Departures at Incheon Airport

Incheon Airport provides the Airport Railroad, buses, taxis, and rental automobiles for ground transportation. Airport Railroad provides high-speed train service between Incheon Airport and Seoul's central business district.

Several buses connect with various sites inside Seoul and its surroundings to Incheon. In Korea, taxis are commonly available for travel. Numerous car rental companies are available at the airport and in advance.

Tips to consider when flying out of Incheon Airport:

  • It is one of the busiest airports in the world, so arrive early to avoid delays.
  • To save time, consider checking in online before arriving at the airport.
  • When going through security, ensure that all your belongings are organized and easily accessible to avoid any hold-ups.
  • If you are traveling with young children, have plenty of distractions and snacks to keep them occupied during the flight.

Rental Car Services at Incheon Airport

Returning a car rental vehicle at Incheon Airport is easy. First, follow the signs to the rental return area. There will be a drop-off zone for each car rental company. Find the one for your company and pull into the space. Once you're in the correct spot, shut off the engine and gather your belongings from the car. Next, go to the rental counter and present your paperwork. The agent will inspect the vehicle and give you a final total charge. Finally, sign any necessary paperwork and take a shuttle bus to your terminal.

Here you may discover a selection of our various car rental packages.

Taxi Services at Incheon Airport

"International Taxis" is the official name of Seoul's taxi service for foreigners. These cabs are reserved for tourists and other non-natives. Foreign taxi drivers must be proficient in English, and many also speak additional languages.

There is a standard fee for taking a taxi from Incheon International Airport to downtown Seoul. Depending on which of the three price categories you fall into, the cost of your vacation will vary. More information about taxis at Incheon Airport.

Tolls are included in the fixed rate, so there will be no unpleasant surprises.

Train Services at Incheon Airport

A stop for the Airport Railroad Express (AREX, sometimes spelled A'REX) is located near Terminal 1 at the Transport Centre. Location: Terminal 2's subterranean level

It connects Gimpo, Seoul's international airport, to the rest of the world. Access to the Incheon Subway, the Seoul Metropolitan Subway, and the Incheon Airport Maglev is provided at multiple stations.

Check our trains page if you'd want to learn more about our trains.

Bus Services at Incheon Airport

Passengers are transported between Terminals 1 and 2 via shuttle buses. It will take approximately twenty minutes to complete the journey. The buses travel every 5–8 minutes and stop at the airport fire station and the Hyatt.

The most common term for airport shuttles is "limousine buses." Frequent limousine buses can transport passengers to Gimpo Airport and Songjeong station. Further information about buses to and from Incheon Airport.

You may rapidly travel from one major city in Korea to another by catching a bus that frequently operates between the cities. Limousine buses operate between the airport and the Korea City Air Terminal in Gangnam.

Hotel Shuttle Services at Incheon Airport

Incheon Airport hotel shuttle service makes traveling to and from the airport a pleasure. The service is available seven days a week, anytime a customer requires it.

Reservations must be made in advance. Find the hotel shuttle ticket booth in the Arrivals Hall of Incheon Airport to make a purchase.

Shuttles to Seoul's downtown cost 5,000 won per passenger (one way) and take around 45 minutes.

The information you want about our hotel may be located on our website.

Rideshare Services at Incheon Airport

Using one of the numerous ridesharing alternatives available, getting to and from Incheon Airport is effortless. This service requires only a smartphone and one of the countless accessible applications.

Utilize the Uber app on your mobile device to go to or from Incheon International Airport. Uber simplifies airport pick-up and drop-off procedures.

Parking Services at Incheon Airport

The airport has both short-term and long-term parking, with the former holding 4,000 vehicles and the latter 6,000. Shuttles transport passengers and their luggage from the long-term parking lot to the terminal's passenger and cargo sections.

For further information, please visit our parking page.

Other Services at Incheon Airport

Incheon Airport's passenger amenities include a variety of restaurants, cafes, and stores. A medical clinic, pharmacy, bank, post office, and travel agency are all available. There is free Wi-Fi at the airport and a business center with meeting rooms and fax/photocopy facilities.

There is a particular terminal for disabled travelers departing on international flights at the airport. This terminal has security checkpoints, baggage claim, and boarding gates.

There are also art exhibits and an observation deck where passengers may watch jets take off and land.

Disabled Passengers at Incheon Airport

Incheon Airport offers many services to disabled passengers to make their travel more comfortable. Wheelchair help, Braille or audio signage, and designated parking spots are among the amenities provided.

The airport also includes a support desk for impaired passengers staffed by English-speaking employees. This desk can provide information on the numerous services available and assist travelers with special needs.

Wi-Fi at Incheon Airport

All passengers at Incheon Airport have access to free Wi-Fi. To connect, look for an available network and register with your email address. Once connected, you will have unlimited free internet access.

Baggage Claim at Incheon Airport

Baggage claim is located on the first floor of the passenger terminal of Incheon Airport. Please proceed to your airline's check-in desk after arrival at Incheon Airport to check your baggage.

Before retrieving your luggage, please ensure that you are in the correct zone for your airline.

Information Desk at Incheon Airport

If you have any queries or need assistance, please do not hesitate to ask one of our friendly Information Desk staff members. We can help you with various services, such as directions, lost and found, airport information, and more.

Smoking at Incheon Airport

Inside the airport terminal, smoking is prohibited. Each terminal has smoking spaces located outside the main entrance.

Lost and Found Section at Incheon Airport

Many people misplace their belongings while on vacation or on business trips. Fortunately, most airports feature a lost and found a section where you can collect your misplaced belongings. You can go to the airport's specialized Lost and Found department to claim your missing things.

To file a claim, fill out a form and return it to the Lost and Found office. It would help if you offered a clear description of the lost item and your contact information. Once your claim has been processed, the staff will do their utmost to locate and return your lost item to you as soon as possible.

Restrooms at Incheon Airport

Incheon Airport's restrooms are clean and big, with plenty of services for passengers. There are also family-friendly amenities like diaper-changing facilities and baby-changing tables.

Nursing Mothers Station at Incheon Airport

There are also various nursing rooms inside the airport for mothers who need to nurse or express milk.

ATMs at Incheon Airport

ATMs are available in all terminal buildings at Incheon Airport. Foreign currency exchange offices are also open in Terminals 1 and 2.

Currency Exchange at Incheon Airport

There are numerous currency exchange choices available at the airport. Various banks and currency exchange kiosks at Incheon Airport offer competitive prices.

ATMs that accept Korean Won and international currencies can be found throughout the airport.

Suppose you need to exchange considerable sums of money. In that case, it is recommended to do so at a bank because they have better rates than the kiosks.

Food and Beverages at Incheon Airport

Incheon Airport offers a wide range of food and beverages to passengers from all over the world. At the airport, there are numerous restaurants, cafes, and pubs. Everything from Korean food to international fare is available.

There are also numerous beverage alternatives, including alcoholic beverages. Incheon Airport has something to fit your taste, whether you are searching for a fast bite or a leisurely supper.

Shopping at Incheon Airport

Shopping at Incheon Airport is a one-of-a-kind experience. The airport has several stores and boutiques, many of which are unique. Incheon Airport also has various Duty-Free shops that allow tax-free shopping on multiple things.

The duty-free stores at Incheon Airport are fashionable and provide significant savings on various products. Many duty-free stores now offer discounts to travelers who use credit cards to make purchases.

Pet Relief at Incheon Airport

Pet relief zones are available at Incheon Airport for passengers traveling with four-legged pets. There are three pet relief stations at the airport, including an inside facility, an outdoor park, and a grassy area. All of the pet relief locations are well-lit and have fresh water available for pets. Plastic bags and waste disposal boxes are available in each pet relief area.

Ticketing Services at Incheon Airport

Incheon Airport provides a wide range of ticketing options to make your travel experience as easy and convenient as possible. Its staff can help you with any queries or issues about your flight.

For your convenience, the airport also provides a range of payment alternatives, and an online check-in system makes it simple to manage your trip plan.

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Incheon Airport Passenger Traffic Surges 90.3% in Q4 2023, Closing Gap to Pre-Pandemic Levels. While not exceeding Q4 2019 figures yet, the data shows significant recovery momentum, reaching 91.6% of its pre-pandemic volume.